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Aug 30, 2009 10:00am EDT
on the nomination to the supreme court of robert bourque. >> in robert bourque's america there is no room at the inn for blacks and no place in the constitution for women and in our america there should be no seat on the supreme court for robert bourque. >> joe klein, in a floor speech, kennedy said in robert bourque's america, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, how do we square that kind of partisanship with the bipartisan dealmaking for what he was justifiably famous for? >> i think that, you know, until recently, those two were not mutely exclusive. you could do both. could i make a point on his tongue-tiedness? >> it seemed to me he became a lot more at ease with himself and at east with answering questions almost immediately after he was eliminated from the presidential competition. i was with him the day that he lost new hampshire, the first kennedy losing in new england. he lost the new hampshire primary to jimmy carter. that night he gave a rip-roaring ad hoc speech. after that i think he seemed to loosen up because the pressure was no longer on him. yes, at times he could be wil
Aug 16, 2009 10:00am EDT
reality show stars who most of america, including me, had never heard of, at least until he started cheating and they split up and the gossip magazines couldn't get enough of jon and kate and the eight kids. and this week the newly separated kate gosselin was on "the today show." >> by the time there were those rumors swirling about with jon with other women. when i sat down with you in may, had he already moved out of the house by that point, kate? >> to be very honest, i don't remember. there's so much going on. >> and now we are hearing from him that he had started up a relationship in may with this young woman, haley glassman, 22 years old. were you shocked at that revelation. >> i was shocked, but it -- those things, to be very honest, that's his life, they don't affect me directly at this point. >> but it's got to be hurtful. >> well, it is hurtful. >> reporter: while the tlc reality show warps into jon without kate, television is bringing back another on cure figure with a whole bunch of kids -- fox broadcasting will air a two-hour prime time special this week on nadya sulema
Aug 9, 2009 10:00am EDT
violent disruptions. there needs to be a debate in america on whether we should have universal health care. there needs to ab debate on the president's ideas. if these protesters have ideas, great. let's hear them. if they are just stunts to cause disruption, again, i think it's bad for the country. whether you want the president's plan or not. >> just stunts? we love stunts in the media. >> i love stunts. i don't agree with what -- the kind of things the protesters are saying, but i'm appalled that mark is calling it something other than what it s which is a raw democracy i think that give us time, we will start ignoring these people. much as we ignore code pink now. this is really interesting n one way, which being in the minority, having an unpopular stance forced the republican party into saul-insky tactics. >> you have protesters, and then you have to decide do you give them a paragraph or do they hijack the story? let me show you footage of a town hall meeting in tampa, this was on thursday night where employees showed up, a lot of people couldn't get in. it was a big shouting match.
Aug 2, 2009 10:00am EDT
know, we have a number of reporter who is came to our training last week at air america and the training is so that kids can be reporters for the "daily news" with children's pressline. and we went through the newspapers and we saw that every story that dealed with or dealt with kids who were in the paper was about either violence or about kids graduating, but nothing about the true stories that we actually report on. kids playing, you know, soccer in fields that are messed up or syringes found in playgrounds >> so despite the fact that you and your friends and colleagues are obviously young and haven't had a chance to have had that much experience, you feel like you and some of you could step right in and be reporters for the "new york daily news" or local tv stations? >> i do. we have actually proof that we can do that. we had a reporter work with us, actually work for the cbs "early show," she was a special correspondent with harry smith and she asked tough questions. and i think that big media is giving us a wonderful opportunity. >> i've got half a minute, that's a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4